Sonia Kashuk 15 piece brush set

photo 1-6

Full set

I’m so excited for these! Today I received my Sonia Kashuk 15 piece brush set in the mail. I don’t live in the US and I believe these are exclusive to Target so for a while I thought I’d never be able to get my hands on them. But then someone awesome and kickass offered to buy them for me and ship them! This someone I met on the Reddit MUA community, a generally awesome and super helpful group of people!

So today they arrived in all their purple and black glory. It has been love at first sight. I’ve not used/washed them yet but I can’t wait to! They seem solid and sturdy, the handles are the right size and the colour is amazing. The only take aways I’ve noticed is that some brushes aren’t evenly dyed and some have a few fly aways. But for what I paid for them I’m not complaining! My only caveat is that I wish they included a lip brush.

So pretty photo 3-4 Stray bristles Some of the stray bristles and uneven colour


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