Lioele Auto Eyebrow and two Étude House Drawing Eye brow pencils

photo 1-7

One of the first things I got when I started becoming interested in Asian beauty products were eyebrow pencils. I haven’t had much luck with eyebrow products, they’re either too dark or too light or too warm or too cumbersome for me, so I was in the market for something that worked and was easy.

The products I chose were the Étude House Drawing Eye Brow in brown and grey brown and the Lioele Auto Eyebrow in dark brown. I picked these three because they were all under 10$, I could get them easily through Ebay and they were quite similar. They are a double ended pencil, with a retractable tip on one end and a small spoolie on the other.

The similarities among these go beyond appearance. They’re quite similar in performance, pigmentation and price. The Étude House and the Lioele in dark brown are almost identical.

Lioele Dark Brown, ED Dark Brown, ED Brown Grey

Lioele Dark Brown, ED Dark Brown, ED Brown Grey

In general, the Étude House perform better. They apply easily and are less dry and clumpy than the Lioele, even though that makes them slightly more prone to budge, especially if you sweat a lot, but it’s barely noticeable. They’re creamy and apply lightly. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who favours a power brow or needs a heavy duty brow filler for very sparse brow. These lean more natural and everyday wear than other brow products I’ve tried. The slanted tip is quite useful for precision and outlining even though it makes it harder to actually fill them in. The spoolies are surprisingly nice for a duo product, which I wasn’t expecting at all.

The Lioele pencil takes longer to build the same intensity and as I mentioned it’s clumpier and drier. Additionally, on the second use, the spoolie part came apart. It literally broke when I was trying to uncap it.

Overall, I prefer the formula and performance of the Étude House pencils. I will be repurchasing the grey brown one. It looks very natural and does exactly what I want it to do at that price point.

photo 5-2 photo 4-6


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