Some of my indie orders arrived!

This past few weeks I’ve been very interested in indie companies and I’ve placed a few orders. Today I received four of those. This is just a short review on their shipping time, package quality and customer service.

First, I’ll start with one of my latest (and therefore quickest to get here) orders: Baroque Cosmetics.
The package required signing so I got it first thing in the morning. It came in a brown envelope inside a bigger padded one with a nice business card. I ordered a couple random samples and the A Heart’s Heavy Burden complete sample set. I placed my order on 01/08 and it got here today. 12 days is pretty good for international shipping to Spain! She included a free sample, sweets and a super nice and friendly note. She gets a 10 for shipping and a massive 10 for customer service.

Then I received the other three orders from Femme Fatale, Shiro and Blackbird.

The Femme Fatale package came in a normal envelope, no padding. Inside a polka dot envelope (yay polka dots!) and my receipt. It contained a thank you note, which was very nice too. Included were also a nice business card and a post card, both with pictures of their eyeshadows. I ordered two sample packs, the 10 and 5 piece ones. Shipping was free. I placed my order on July 24. Also not bad for shipping, especially considering it was free (I paid for insurance) and even more if you take into account it came from Australia. I’m happy overall with this order, also good customer service.

My Blackbird order came in a non-padded envelope. It was the only one without another envelope to protect the samples inside and without a receipt for my order. I believe they’re starting out so I’m more inclined to give them a lot more lee-way for this. She included a very nice and thoughtful thank you note in response to the one I included on my order and gave me a coupon for my next order, so she just won me over very easily. I can’t remember when I ordered and can’t find the confirmation email but it was before my Baroque.

Lastly, the one I was looking forward to the most. My Shiro order came in a bigger padded envelope. It contained my receipt and another envelope with sweets and my samples. I ordered 26 (don’t judge me) plus two free samples. The receipt also included a thank you note. I placed my order on July 24.


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