Birchbox Spain for August


I’ve been subscribed to Birchbox for a few months now. I’m trying to decide whether to keep it or not (I’m also subscribed to the Spanish Guapabox which I won’t renew next month). This box is making me lean towards the ditch it direction. 

This box contains five items: Kueshi Gel Aloe Vera 99%, N4 Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect, 2x Skin Method Basic Solution SPF 20 Hydrating antioxidant care, D’Orleac Professional Nail Polish and EGO Deep Silky Eye liner Nº102 in Pearl Green. They come in a cute ziploc Birchbox bag. 

I’ve not used the eyeliner so I’m not sure how that fares. The colour is nice? It’s very inoffensive. I don’t particularly want the nail polish, the consistency seems thin and the colour would be better suited for my (much older) aunt. I’m kind of tired of Birchbox sending me repeat samples (they’ve done this for the past three boxes) because I find it’s a really lazy way to beef up the box without really adding anything of notice. I’m not excited for the moisturiser (I’ve got about a million more samples to try out from other birchboxes). 

The Super Comb Prep and Protect did its job just fine when I tried it. It’s not life changing and it has a funny smell when you spray it on but it fades quite quickly. I’m not one for styling products (since I shower at night and usually wear my hair natural) but this could be handy for those days when my hair just refuses to cooperate. 

The only product I am semi-excited about is the Aloe Gel. I’ve been meaning to try it over my moisturiser for a while so it’s just as well I get to try one before buying a full size!

Overall this box is incredibly inoffensive. The most I can say about it is meh. 


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