Maybelline Color Tattoos and expectations

You know when you keep hearing good things about a product but never really bother to try it? That’s what happened to me with the Maybelline Color Tattos. Everyone raves about them and I always thought I should try them but I never really got around to because they never looked that good to me, until the other day when my drugstore had them on a BOGOHO sale and I decided to finally give them a go. I picked Eternal Gold and Pink Gold and put them to the test this weekend. Swatches of Pink Gold and Eternal Gold


I wore Eternal Gold for a concert. With primer and a Too Faced eyeshadow it lasted a decent 16 hours before fading and creasing. It comes no where near the claimed 24hrs but it’s good nonetheless. It went on a little sheer and it was a bit too sparkly for me but it made a nice base, even if a little watery. I paired it with the dirty gold colour in the Chocolate Bar palette and it looked nice and felt comfortable. It’s a little hard to buffer with a brush but it can be worked with.

Pink Gold was a different matter. It was more watery than Eternal Gold and it was much sparklier. I wore it for a lazy day and a fishing trip with my father. It had creased and faded by the 12th hour mark but then again I don’t think these are designed for fishing! I didn’t like it as much as EG but it came down to a matter of personal preference: pink just doesn’t look that good on me.

Overall I enjoyed these. They would be nice as a wash of colour on the lids and they lasted a decent amount of time and activity but I do believe these need a primer and a powder shadow over them to really work for you. I might purchase other shades in the collection but I’m not really that excited about them. They do their job but they don’t really wow me much.



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