Mini drugstore haul and first impressions

drugstore_haulI went shopping today, looking for a Max Factor primer I’ve heard good things about (which I couldn’t find) and got myself a couple new things to try! 

Drugstore_haul1 SWATCHES

(The photos turned out a bit yellow because it’s quite late here and dark already)

First, something I’d been eyeing for a while: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (and in Grand Cru because there was a BOGOHO sale). I have another colour and I’ve loved it ever since. If you look at the swatches, the Nude-ist looks much more creamier and opaque. Grand Cru looks a bit grummy and doesn’t have such a creamy consistency or opacity. We’ll see how they fare!

I also got a NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Plush Red. I’ve heard great things about these and I could tell swatching that I’ll love it. All the other swatches are two swipes of my finger or application, except this one! It glides on wonderfully and it’s such a vibrant red!

My last lip purchase of the day is Maybelline Color Sensational in Chic Plum. I got this off of reviews of the line and my undying love for the colour plum. It looks great swatched, we’ll see how it looks on my lips! 

I’m really excited about this one: Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown. Apparently this is a dupe for an ABH brow pencil but I wouldn’t be able to tell. ABH isn’t available in Spain and I’m very hesitant to buy online. The colour seems quite similar to my brows but I’d prefer it if it were a bit more ashen. The brush is a bit stiff but I’m thinking that’d will be a good thing. 

Coming up are two combination products from quite cheap brands that I’ve only recently started using: Catrice and Essence. I think they’re owned by the same company. I picked up a couple blushes from them last week and was quite surprised by the quality! 

Essence Road Trip blush & highlighter is not very pigmented but since I’m pale I’d rather build up than look like a clown. The blush is a gorgeous plum that looks quite natural. The highlighter is a bit too sparkly for me but we’ll see. The Catrice Multi Colour Blush isn’t very pigmented either if you swatch them individually but if you swirl your fingers in it it comes up with quite the nice understated shade. 



    1. I really like the product itself: the consistency, the feel of the lipstick on my lips and the wear time. But I have noticed the smell… Smell like iron, don’t they? Thanks for commenting xx


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