Current drugstore skincare favourites

drugstoreskincareI’m not one for high end skin care. I believe you can achieve great results (mine still in progress) with products mostly under 10$. Here’s the ones I’ve been using the most lately.


I am a fan of Neutrogena products. Here in Spain you can only find a very limited range of their products so I have to get the Visibly clear oil-free moisturiser (£4.99 on the Boots website) from the UK when I’m over. It’s very cheap and it does what it advertises: it’s hydrating without being oily and it smooths my skin. The jury’s still out on whether it evens the skin tone or not. I’ve been using it for almost a year but I’ve not seen noticeable results in that aspect. It’s a great little product to have, plus it lasts ages. 

Also from Boots I’m currently using their Serum 7 Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. I can’t find it on the Boots website even though it’s one of their own brands. Anyway, I received this full size in a Birchbox and I quite like it. I don’t yet use anti-ageing products but this cream is light and soft enough to use around my eyes and not irritate them. 

The final Boots item is a Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick (£2.59 on the Boots website). I usually use tea tree oil diluted with either jojoba or canola oil or with my moisturiser but this is more travel friendly and less tricky. Using tea tree oil undiluted or in a bigger proportion than 5% could be harmful for your skin so this is an easier way to deal with blemishes if you just can’t be bothered to measure. 

Next up are the universally loved Stridex Alcohol Free Maximum Strength 110 pads(6.61$ from iHerb). I’m using these as my BHA before my derma e AHA and they’ve yielded wonderful results. My skin cleared off almost completely when I first started using them. It took a bit of time for my skin to get used to this but if you start slowly you’ll get there. I have to buy them from iHerb (here’s a referral code if you want to save 5-10$ on your first order) but I love that website. Shipping is fast and cheap (4$ flat rate intl.) and there’s quite a few things I get when I place an order so it’s well worth it. Including elf items at American prices, instead of the travesty that is their English/Spanish website, and oils for skin care. 

One thing I’ve just ordered from iHerb is also incredibly well-loved and reviewed. I have to say it’s earned its reputation: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (3.90$ on iHerb). I’ve been using this once a week. You put it on, look like Shrek for fifteen minutes and wash it to find out soft and clear skin. It has a very thick consistency but it goes on easily and evenly. It’s not the end all, be all of skin care masks but it does its job and for the price (it comes down to 0.48$ per ounce) it’s fantastic. 

Another mask I’ve been loving is the ridiculously-packaged, peel off Pomegranate & Passion Flower Montagne jeunesse mask. I got this for 1.49€ on my local drugstore. It smells amazing and I love the feeling of peeling it off. My skin feels appropriately pampered after. 

I have also been rekindling my love for Vaseline. Just plain ole vaseline. It cost me a whopping 1.79€ at the drugstore and I’ve been using it as a true multitasker. I lather my lips with the stuff at night, in the morning and whenever I’m not wearing lipstick. I’ve also been using it on dry patches of skin on my face and a couple scars on my tummy. The slug life is great! 

Lastly I have my Dove cuidado envolvente loción nutritiva con karité y vainilla. It cost 4.99€ at the drugstore. I’m usually a devoted fan of my The Body Shop body butters but they can get pricy and they’re very thick. This lotion smells amazing! It reminds me of winter comfort, with thick sweaters and tea. It may be the vainilla. Karité is one of the new skin care buzzwords so I expect to see it everywhere but it really does seem to work here. 


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