Bits and pieces

Hi! I hope I can get to do one of these weekly. Basically the point of this is having a little chat and an opportunity for me to tell you a little about things I’ve done, seen or stuff I found interesting. Not all will be current but you might not have seen it so I hope you find it interesting!

  • I watched The Normal Heart this week. It was fantastic. I bawled my eyes out at some points. It’s about an AIDS activist trying to raise awareness for the disease during its onset. Matt Bomer (of White Collar fame) is exceptional in it. I completely felt for him. 
  • I started reading Before the Frost, my first Henning Mankell book. I’m liking it so far but I have opinions, almost with a capital O, so expect a review in the near future.
  • My boyfriend and I are going to Rome next week 😀
  • I stumbled onto an old post by one of my favourite bloggers, which is quite fantastic: Travel v Full sizes: When is the Travel Size Secretly a Way Better Deal?
  • I laughed at Kate Middleton Simpsonized way more than I should have. I’m disappointed at the lack of wedding dress drawing though 
  • This article about Lizzy Caplan’s Emmy’s dress made me love her even more than I already do! She seems awesome
  • Another blog post I absolutely loved is How to Determine Your Skin Tone, which actually works.
  • I really want some Zoeva products… Maybe I’ll buy a brush set 

Have a great weekend!


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