Mango musings (and new earrings)

One of my favourite stores to shop at is Mango. Their style generally appeals to me and they usually make reasonably priced, decent quality clothes that I can wear for a couple years without looking completely stupid (looking at you, Zara). So generally Mango is the first stop in my retail therapy trips and where I look for about 80% of my wardrobe. 

The other day I was exploring a mall I’d never been to that magnificently has an INGLOT stand (!!!!!!!!) and of course I had to go in to have a peek. I’ve already done some autumn shopping but a girl can never have enough, right? 

Look what I found:photo

Two gorgeous pairs of earrings for the girl who is allergic to buying earrings! I also saw a couple more things I definitely need… 

This season will be all about the cozy sweaters in black, grey and burgundy for me with some other jewel tones thrown in for good measure. Monochrome, streamlined and with small details is what I’m going for at the moment and since my wardrobe needs a serious overhaul I figured it’s the perfect moment to look around. 

Polka dot grey jumper (29,99€)

Grey jumper with animal print (25,99€)

Emerald green textured shirt (19,99€)

The crappy thing about Mango is how weird their sizes are sometimes. You gotta try it on. Sometimes their tops are weirdly long and their jeans tend to be a bit mummy but it’s well worth it! For some reason I’m seeing a lot of long denim skirts, which completely horrifies me. That aside, the new season for Mango is quite nice. I’m thinking I’ll have to do some serious training in self control…


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