Bits and Pieces #2

Hi, everyone! I’m in Rome this week but I had a few tidbits I wanted to share so I scheduled my second B&P post for this Friday.


outlander, review,

Image: Starz

  •  Not-so-guilty-pleasure of the week: Outlander. When I first heard of this tv show I thought I’d hate it but it’s turned out quite differently! The cinematography is beautiful and so are the settings, both of which are points that instantly win me over. It has received generally good reviews and it’s already renewed for a second season. The voice-over can get a bit cheesy but if you manage to ignore that it’s a wonderful little show. Here’s  the trailer if you want to have a look.
  • I’m still reading the Mankell book. I keep having Opinions. Big, bold, capital O. Stay tuned. I’m also bringing Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag on the plane. Lots of new authors recently!!
  • I saw a wonderful friend of mine last Monday. I hadn’t seen her in a while and it made me all giddy and giggly. Gotta see her more often…!
  • Makeup Rules We Break from A Little Opulent. I break a lot of these and I completely agree with her unbreakable rules!! Worth a read
  • Fall Is Coming… from Lipstick and a little sunshine. I love fall. I need everything in her first picture. I can’t wait to get all my jumpers out… And all the new make up in.
  • Some beautiful illustrations of the equally beautiful Carmen Dell’Orefice.
  • A few animal encounters to cheer you up! By Liz Climo.

And I believe that’s all! I’ve queued a few posts for this week. I hope everyone’s week and weekend is great!


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