Bits and pieces #3

Hi, all! We got back from Rome a couple days ago and participated in the demonstration here in Barcelona yesterday! Here’s the bits and bobs from this past week of sneaky internet usage and super ninja reading moments…

  • Rome was very cool. Super hot and muggy but very interesting and entertaining.
  • James, my family and I participated in the demonstration in favour of the right to self-determination in Barcelona. It was chilling how many people showed up, united as a whole, to rally for their right to choose their own future.
  • I’m loving this youtube review by Karima of Shameless Fripperies (one of my all time favourite bloggers) on the new Diorskin Star Foundation!
  • Very interesting article on Which Shade of Blush you should pick depending on your skin tone by A Little Opulent. If you’ve ever stood up in a make up aisle looking at a bunch of blushes in confusion this is for you!
  • A really interesting Literary Map of London! It’s utterly wonderful
  • My goal for this weekend is to clean up my blog layout and do a whole bunch of not-so-fun things that may make it better
  • I bought a few things in Italy and I’ll be making a new post later today! Stay tuned!

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