Birchbox Spain September

Would you like to know what Birchbox Spain had to offer this month? Was it worth it?

birchbox spain hoss intropia

Let me start by saying that this month’s box is beautiful. It’s the result of a partnership with Hoss intropia and it looks as luxe as I was expecting. The outside print is fantastic and the bright green inside makes for great contrast. Definitely one I will keep!!

birchbox spain september

Onto more pressing things… I’m not very impressed with this month’s box. Here’s what you get:

1. Whish Almond Body Butter

2. Naobay Moisturizing Peeling

3. Beauty Protector: Protect & Treat Mask

4. Mememe Beat the Blues Highlighter

5. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Optimizing Slin Serum

birchbox elizabeth arden whish body butter naobay moisturizing peeling mememe beat the blues highlighter beauty protector

I’m usually alright with beauty boxes sending me small bottles or samples of body butters. I chuck them in my bag as hand creams or on the stop moisturisers, especially during the winter months. But this one… Let’s say it has a strong fragrance and, by strong, I mean almost unpleasant. A hint of almond would have been perfect but this is nutty heaven (or hell). I’m not sure I’ll be carrying this around…!

Next up is a product I’m quite disappointed in Birchbox for supporting: Naobay natural & organic Moisturizing Peeling. First, I’d like to point out the blatant greenwashing in the description. “98,82% of the ingredients are from a natural origin” doesn’t tell me anything, Naobay, but it sures does fire up my bullshit detector. Also, I’ll refrain from using an exfoliator with palm shells since they’re a bit too abrasive for most people’s faces.

I haven’t tried the hair masks yet but their main ingredient is argan oil, which I already use on my face, and will be much cheaper than the 19€ the full size of these masks would cost me. Having said that, the masks do smell wonderful and the little pots are adorable and will be reutilised for certain”

Now, the Mememe highlighter did surprise me! I’d been meaning to try this brand but never actually got around to it. I’ll be honest with y’all here: this looks and feels like a Benefit High Beam dupe (a bit too on the nose). I whipped mine out and swatched them side by side and they do look very similar but the Mememe highlighter is a bit more shimmery and pinker. I’ll have to test the wear time but I suspect they’re not going to be that different. The only thing I disliked was the applicator which, unlike Benefit’s, is not a brush but a plastic tube. The Benefit is bigger (2ml/0.04 oz) but much more expensive and, unless you’re obsessed with the subtle differences, almost the same.

benefit high beam mememe beat the blues

benefit high beam mememe beat the blues

Finally, an Elizabeth Arden Serum. Why is it this brand is always either on sale, on those flash sale sites or in beauty boxes? It puts me off buying it at full price so much. From what I can tell, this has no fragrance. It was nice but nothing to write home about. I’ll stick to my OST Vit C serum for now!

So that’s all for this month’s Birchbox. Is it sad that my favourite thing was the cardboard box itself?


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