Bits and pieces #4

the fall gillian anderson


  • I’ve been watching The Fall, a tv series set in Belfast that follows the inquiry into a string of murders of young, professional women by a serial killer. It’s beautifully shot. I especially love the dichotomy between the two main characters: Paul Spector, the serial killer who is also a family man, and Stella Gibson, a cold Detective Superintendent who often comes across as abrasive and uncaring. This show challenges you a bit by presenting the “bad guy” as more relatable than the good one.
  • I’ve also been watching Broadchurch. It was okay but I expected way more. Enjoyable but a bit predictable and I’m not a big fan of David Tennant…
  • I love this Red Lips Inspiration by A Little Opulent!
  • I finished Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag. I might do a review even if it’s not Scandi crime, would you like to read it?
  • This is also red lips inspiration, in the form of beautiful art from okart.
  • I really want some Harry Potter prints

How was your week?


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