LUSH Mask of Magnaminty: worth the hype?

lush mask of magnaminty

This mask is a beloved staple of the beauty world. It’s praised as a life-saver and a great do-it-all little product. But is it really jaw-dropping, show-stopping good? Let’s see!

lush mask of magnaminty

This mask is described as “a deep cleansing face and back mask. China clay and fresh peppermint reach deep down to pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation.” (from the Lush website) They also claim it tightens your pores, even though we all know that’s a load of bullshit, but it’s par for the course with most masks.

lush mask of magnaminty

I slathered a thin layer all over my face

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice mask: it has a nice consistency, a pleasant smell and it does work. It left my skin clean and soft, slightly supple and very smooth. It also brightened up my complexion slightly. I didn’t have any big breakouts when I tested it but it did help bring up some of my closed comedones so I feel it would actually help in clearing active acne. I’ll wait until my hormonal week of hell kicks in to try it again, see if it does help with my monster face then.

All in all, it is nice. Very nice. But is it bombastic? Nope. It didn’t blow my mind and I think you could find decent equivalents for less. Queen Helene Mint Julep comes to mind, even though Lush’s smell is less pungent, but it doesn’t do quite as much as this one.

I got the small size, I think it was a hair under 7€ and it contains 125g of product. I’m more than willing to Shrek it up once a week for these results, at least until I find a DIY or cheaper version that performs equally.

Have you ever tried this? What did you think?


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