Skin Savers: 5 Products That Made My Skin Better

la roche posay effaclar duo argan oil mizon snal cream konjac sponge tea tree oil

I try new skin care products all the time but, sometimes, I just need those tried and true things that work for me. My favourite things I use almost everyday and wouldn’t want to go without!

If there is one product worth all the hype around it is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. This tube has magic in it. It cleared up my skin after the first use and it’s even fading some PIH slightly. Now they’ve come out with Effaclar Duo+ especially for that purpose, which I’ll buy as soon as this tube is empty. I usually dab it on my cheeks (where I get most of my acne) before my nightly moisturiser step, which is completely necessary since it can be a bit drying. My skin handles it well but sometimes people complain about it being too harsh.

The next product I’m going to talk about is actually the moisturiser I use after LRP Effaclar Duo: Mizon Snal Recovery Gel Cream. This thing is super cheap (like 6$ on eBay with free shipping) and my skin loves it. It’s heavier than my daily moisturiser but still feels light and cool on the skin. One of my favourites from Mizon!

Now let’s talk tools… A few weeks ago I got a Etude House Konjac Sponge to help with my cleansing step. I kept reading I should be cleansing for this long and evenly and I realised I got bored really quickly and sometimes forgot certain areas. This actually helped a lot! It’s pleasant to use and it really helps me relax. Lazy girl’s guide to life…

Onto the oils: I’m completely converted to OCM and the oily lifestyle. I use Argan Oil to OCM and moisturise over my Mizon cream at night, sometimes mixed with jojoba oil. It works wonderfully and leaves my skin radiant, soft and supple. Finally, I bow to Tea Tree Oil. It’s a life saver when it comes to break outs even if a little cumbersome since you have to dilute it quite well. But it’s very well worth it!

What’s your skin saver?


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