Bits and Pieces #5

Hi, everyone! How has your week been?

Source: The Wrap

  • This is an exciting week (month) if you’re a TV aficionado like me: Scandal was back Thursday and it was fantastic. Bones also came back the same day and was appropriately heartbreaking. Other shows are staring soon (Criminal Minds anyone?) and there’s some new exciting kids on the block, like How To Get Away With Murder.
  • I started a new bookDon’t Look Back by Karim Fossum. Too soon to tell if I’ll like it but it looks good!
  • I can’t seem to shake this cough and general feeling of illness.
  • Did you use to watch the Gilmore Girls? I loved it and I loved this: Which GG Boyfriend was the Best? I’ve always been Team Jess myself
  • Lisa Eldridge talked about Make up Moments in her blog… And the make up moment was Clueless! I love that film
  • I loved this outfit from 9 to 5 chick.
  • I feel the Outlander wedding episode deserves a million words on its own. You should be watching this if you aren’t already!
  • Vanity Fair also had some really nice shots of Audrey Hepburn to celebrate her birthday.

How was your week? 


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