So you’re under 30 and you’ve got wrinkles?

Before I turned 18, I had two deep lines across my forehead. I looked at them in despair and reconciled myself to my new wrinkly future. But I shouldn’t have!

wrinkles neutrogena dry touch avene

When I was younger, I used to spend the entire summer at the beach with my siblings or my mother. She wasn’t very interested in putting sunscreen on me (or herself, for that matter) or teaching me the importance of doing so. I grew up under the Mediterranean sun with no hat, sunglasses or sunscreen. That, combined with a few other things, such as stress, dehydration or me squinting when my prescription grew meant I had “expression lines” before starting uni. I used to think it was sun damage and my skin had just irreparably aged beyond my years.

I was wrong. Slowly, skin care started to play an important role in my life and I saw that a good routine meant my lines lessened. They haven’t disappeared (I didn’t expect them to) but their appearance has greatly decreased.

Here’s what I learnt:

1. Sleep well. I know it’s not always possible but whenever you can, sleep well. It’ll make you feel better, perform better and eat better.

2. Drink waterToo obvious? I know. But we forget… Whenever my skin is dehydrated the lines on my forehead turn red and deep.

3. Never forget to moisturise. Doesn’t matter if you’re tired, ill or in a hurry, your skin will thank you.

4. Sunscreen. All day, every day! I wear Neutrogena Dry Touch 55 or an Avène SPF 50 sunscreen, no matter what the weather or time of the year it is. That means whenever my family sees me they bemoan my lack of colour and my desire to become translucent… But my skin has improved dramatically since wearing SPF every day. I also wear sunglasses whenever I’m out because who wants crowfeet?

5. Exfoliation. Chemical and physical, it’s helped me tame my expression lines by, I suspect, getting rid of the dead skin cells that creased on my face.

It sounds really simple, doesn’t it? The hardest part is perseverance. That’s the only secret to nice skin, construct a routine and then follow it. Be constant and don’t despair! Wrinkles can be a sign of a good, happy life but I didn’t expect to have them until well into my 40s!

What do you think?



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