Brand Experiences: Lush

A few days ago I contacted Lush with some concerns regarding one of their products. I’d used a bath bomb and suffered a medical concern that I suspected was strongly related to it. I expected to be dismissed with little information and a bland email. I was surprised.

lush samples dream cream

Now, Lush is a brand that inspires either hatred or love. You don’t seem to find people who just plain ole like it alright, you gotta be a super fan or you have to despise it. I’ve read countless posts about allegations of green washing, pushy employees, false claims, shady practices… But the one positive thing everyone seemed to agree on is that they have outstanding customer service.

As I said above, a few days ago I had to put it to the test. I had a medical concern I’d never had before and after a bit of researching, I discovered other people suffered similar ailments after using the same sort of products I had (bath bombs). I contacted Lush asking about these concerns and accusations. I expected them to give me a banal, scripted answer and a dismissal, but instead I had a real person (woohoo!) who spoke and wrote like a real person (double woohoo!) answer my email. She was polite, helpful and incredibly deferential. She gave me all the info I could have hoped or asked for about the product I used, all her best wishes and recommendations of other products in their line that could help me and, finally, she asked for my address so she could send me some of them.

I’m not going to go into the different controversies surrounding Lush and their practices but I have to say that customer service was outstanding. It’s not that common, especially here in Spain (I understand it’s very different in the US) to be treated with such care and compassion.

So what’s this Brand Experiences post? 

A few months ago I decided I wouldn’t be passive anymore when it came to poor products or customer service. Since then, I’ve contacted companies and managers whenever an employee was rude or dismissive towards me or a product failed spectacularly.

Conversely, I find it’s unfair to contact customer service only when I have a complaint so I’ve also started contacting them whenever I had a positive experience: be it an outstanding employee, a great product (I waxed poetic to a La Roche Posay employee about Effaclar Duo for longer than I’d like to admit) or just a great overall experience. I feel it’s fair to reward good employees with a nice word to their manager and I hope it puts a smile on their faces. Same thing with a product: if it’s great, I’d like to let them know. If it sucks, same thing.

I hope to cook up some of these BE’s posts once in a while, when I’ve had contact with a company as a concerned customer.  Tell me, what do you think? Do you contact customer service a lot? If so, why?



  1. I think you’re absolutely right! Good customer service should be commended. I’ve rung a head office once or twice to commend the service people they sent my way who were super-efficient and polite. Got to let the boss know they’re doing a good job 🙂


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