Hello Waffle Rose Colored Glasses Blush review

hello waffle rose coloured glasses blush

Hot off the heels of my recent mini (massive) Hello Waffle haul, I bring you the first review. Can you tell I was super excited about it?

This week will be Hello Waffle week, I think. It’s the only indie from which I purchased full sized items and/or mini sizes in jars with sifters so it’s the easiest to review. I started with their super-loved, super-popular Rose Coloured Glasses blush. All their blushes looked beautiful but I finally decided on this one (and a couple others) purely based on reviews. I’ve got a couple others that I pressed yesterday in my feverish state that I’ll review in the following days.

hello waffle rose coloured glasses blush

hello waffle rose coloured glasses blush

Love the fact that it had a (sealed) sifter!

It’s described as a “satin yellow-toned rose” and I would mostly agree with it. It is a beautiful colour, not entirely matte (there is a tiny tiny hint of subtle sparkliness) but very natural, despite the swatch. I thought it’d be a deep autumnal shade and while I wasn’t wrong, I think this blush could safely carry you into the warmer months if you’re not fond of glitter. I’m fairly pale and I’ve got trouble making blushes actually show up on my skin and this one was no exception. Between my wariness at the colour and how small the jar is (compared to, say, a MAC blush) it took me a few tries until I got the colour on my cheeks.

hello waffle rose coloured glasses blush swatch

Pardon my watch marks

hello waffle rose colored glasses blush

What I was most concerned about was wear time. I thought it being a powder it wouldn’t really hold up for more than a couple hours and then I’d go back to looking tuberculosis-chic levels of pale and grey. But, to my immense delight, I was wrong. At the time of writing this post I’ve been wearing it for about 8 hours and it’s still there, slightly faded, but still mostly there.

All in all, I really liked this blush and I loved the packaging. It’s a bit small, but I did purchase a halfling, so it’s entirely my fault. The cat’s still the cutest though! Here’s the link to the Hello Waffle store if you’re interested (non-referral).

What do you think? Have you ever tried Hello Waffle’s blushes?



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