Hello Waffle June Bug Blush review

hello waffle june bug blush

And thus continues my week of Hello Waffle blushes!

I wore this on Tuesday, after pressing it in my feverish state Sunday afternoon. It pressed really nicely! The sample I got filled about half of my 26 mm pan, which is very decent for a sample.

hello waffle june bug blush

The blush is described on the Hello Waffle website as “warm orange-coral with the subtlest amount of blue/green glow”. It showed up more peachy on me and, surprisingly (I don’t suit orange tones) it perked up my complexion. It was a rainy, dark day, but I looked like spring. It also made me look younger, I believe.

hello waffle june bug blush swatch hello waffle june bug blush swatch

The sparkle showed up subtly but noticeably enough. It reflects light beautifully and gives your cheeks a really pretty flush. I found it easy to apply, even when pressed, and it took less layering than Rose Coloured Glasses (which I reviewed here). It lasted well for the whole day, even if the sparkle didn’t. What it left behind was a really nice, subtle, hue that still perked up my complexion without being a sparkly patchy mess, which was what I was afraid of.

In summary, it’s an extremely happy shade. It made me think of early spring and coolish summer days when you want to go biking and camping, of laughter and nice flowers. I may not wear it all the time but I’m happy to have it on hand whenever I want that extra level of perkiness.

Do you have a blush that conveys this sort of feeling? Tell me about it!


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