Rediscovering My Collection: L’Oréal Magique Lumi Primer

l'oreal magique lumi primer base

I’ve found myself unable to buy a lot of new products these past couple weeks. It happens to all of us at some point or another (probably a lot more than we’d like to) and then there comes the time to ruffle among the forgotten products you have at the back of the drawer that you can fall back in love with.

In this case, I bought this a few months ago after everyone was raving about it being an amazing, subtle, highlighter and mainly, a multitasker. The L’Oréal Magique Lumi Base was raved as a base for those with the dullest complexion, a highlighter for those with oiler skins, a mixer for heavier foundations… I thought I needed it.

I got it and was supremely disappointed. It did nothing for me at first, not as a base and not as a highlighter. I wasn’t using a heavier foundation back then so I didn’t need anything to sheer out my base either. So it lived in the back of my stash, along with all those other things I have just in case. When I tried using it a few weeks later it had separated and all I got was a watery mess all over my fingers.

l'oreal magique lumi primer base

A few weeks ago I was staring at it, decided to make it work. And I finally have! It needs a good shake, but it does work. My skin has been duller and a bit drier this past few months, thanks to my new BHA, so I repurposed this as a highlighter under my foundation (sometimes over it) and, now, the thing that has made me fall in love with it: I use a pump of it with my L’Oréal True Match Foundation to sheer it out slightly and make it appear more natural. It works wonders! My skin looks more bright and alive and, if I blend with my Beauty Blender, almost unnoticeable.

So I’d recommend it for those of us who are either dry or combination and need something to bring back the brightness to dull autumn skin. And I need to remind myself to give second, third and maybe fourth chances to all my make up!

What do you think? Have you used this primer?


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