Brand Experiences: Hello Waffle

hello waffle musicians palette

I had an indie summer, I must admit. I went a bit crazy ordering samples from a lot of shops and being generally in love with both the idea and execution of indie companies. But, especially for those who had the misfortune of listening to me go on about it, I was completely obsessed with getting some Hello Waffle shades. I’d read only rave reviews about Christine’s company and not a single word of complaint or drama, which can often surround small companies with a lot of interaction between owners and customers, ever made itself evident to me.

So I flailed about for a few weeks while the Hello Waffle store was closed for the summer and then placed two orders: the first when it opened and the second for the birthday sale. It made my bank account cry. Christine had advised everyone of the sale and offered to hold orders placed before it and combine them in a single packaging after. Now, I don’t know a lot about managing a business of this sort (I’m putting my Business studies to shame) but the logistical efforts of combining orders, free samples, and on top of that preparing the actual product must have been humongous. Another company might not have done this or taken much, much longer than she did. And, to make things even better, her social media presence is incredible, so she kept all of us who ordered updated on the process. She comes across as incredibly nice, dedicated and approachable.

Now, we’ve established that I absolutely love almost everything about this company. But what about the products? Do they hold up to scrutiny? Well, if you’ve read my reviews about some of the blushes I ordered (here and here) you’ll see I loved those. And the eyeshadows (I ordered more than what’s pictured, I know, I know) are incredibly easy to work with. But the raison d’être of this post, and also the reason I started looking into indies, is Hello Waffle Musician’s Collection, which I have in palette form (pictured).

I first saw this post on Reddit a few months ago and fell in love. The art, the swatches, the colours, the match between shade and artist and dedication that went into planning and executing it. I was hooked. It goes to show how well people can respond when we see more than the regular thought be put into a collection. This was something someone thought about very very carefully and put a lot of themselves into it. I think big companies could take a leaf out of indies’ book and make their own themed collections more interesting. (Yes, I’m looking at you, MAC)

So when I saw she was selling it as a palette I had to have it. It’s not the cheapest out there but it’s so worth it. The shades are easy to work with and very pigmented. I was planning on doing a review after I got it but alas, my plans got thwarted. Chopin cracked during shipping (it travelled half way across the world). It got everywhere and the shadow was beyond repair. I was crushed.

I contacted Christine through the form on her website and asked if I could purchase the pan. She answered that same day, was incredibly kind and polite and offered to send me another one for free, which impressed me quite a bit. It takes much longer to press a shadow than to just bag it and, especially if you’re doing it commercially, you have to put more effort into it. I know she still has a backlog of orders to get through but she took the time to answer me quickly and efficiently and maintained a level of professionalism and customer care that would make bigger, more mainstream companies cry.

This was my general experience with Hello Waffle. I’m a convert.

Have you had any experience with HW? What did you think?



  1. I recently won her giveaway for her alternate universe collection. When I won sample sizes I was ecstatic just to get to try the whole collection. Then she emailed me to ask if I’d like any samples included – so of course I clicked around the whole website and found about 7 different things I was interested in. I encouraged her to just send whatever she had on hand already packaged so as to save herself trouble but what I got was so much more. She sent multiple full size products (including a blush), an array of minis (including a blush) and then all of the samples I’d won of alternate universe plus extra samples of things from her news 1000 likes collection (one of my minis was from that collection as well). She really went above and beyond with sending me extras and I didn’t pay a dime because I was lucky enough to win her giveaway. Her kindness and generosity is so apparent and she’s just so wonderful. I will definitely repurchase from her when my samples run out 🙂


    1. I know, right? It takes so little to make me happy that when someone goes above and beyond they automatically win my eternal loyalty! And she’s so nice you can genuinely tell she enjoys what she does!
      Thanks 🙂


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