Why I unsubscribed: Guapabox

guapabox why i unsubscribed

Guapabox is a Spanish beauty box company. When I was doing my research to see what beauty box to subscribe to, I read this one was supposed to be the best. Best brands, best service, etc. Basically, the best the Spanish market had to offer. So I started both this one and Birchbox. Maybe, if I hadn’t started both of them I would have been more impressed with Guapabox. To say I was disappointed is to put it mildly.

First, the brands. Every month I receive a mix of the same brands you see in the picture above. If their beauty profile worked, Guapabox would know I have no use for a colour strengthening mask (since I don’t dye my hair) and that I don’t usually use hair spray. Alas, they sent me this and, like every month, they’ll either live in the back of my closet with their companions or go to someone who can actually use them.

I subscribe to beauty boxes to try new brands or new products, not to receive the same five or six brands over and over again.

But I could have lived with that, you know? At least the brands are halfway decent, the sizes are usually good and I’ve more or less used some of the things I’ve received. What I can’t live with is the incredibly incompetent shipping service Guapabox uses, at least in Barcelona. Each month is a battle trying to get in contact with them. I’ll walk you through what a typical month with them looks like:

– Around the second week of the month they “supposedly” come to my house. They either don’t find me or don’t try. At some point in the next two weeks they call me, attempting to set up a time.

– We agree on a time. I spend the evening/morning at home (because their times are incredibly broad: from 9 to 2, from 4 to 8, etc).

– Predictably, they don’t show up. I call to complain and someone at headquarters says it’s not their policy to have delivery people contact customers for a time. They ask if I’d rather pick it up. I say no, since I pay for delivery and their headquarters are on the other side of the city. We agree on another time.

– They don’t show up. Repeat above step. I finally give up and prepare myself for another unsuccessful contact with the company.

– At some point, usually by the 29-31st, they show up and I get my box.

As you can see, it’s very frustrating and not what you pay for. I’ve complained to Guapabox and they’ve ignored me or given me completely unsatisfactory answers. I’m tired of dealing with that every month and there are a lot of other options for me out there: more and more boxes are showing up and I’m currently happy with my Birchbox subscription, so I don’t see any reason to keep giving money to a company that has this little regard for their customers.

I almost transformed this into a Brand Experience post but I felt this was slightly different. It is so incredibly unprofessional that I can’t even call it brand experience.

Do you have these problems dealing with beauty boxes?



  1. Hi, Julia! I’ve only ever subscribed to 2 boxes, a local one some time back, and Memebox just recently. And, yes, I’ve had problems with the delivery service 😦

    For the local box, they’d claim no one was at home to receive the box, which is highly unlikely. But, sorting it out was relatively easy.

    My first Memebox arrived in the country but was delivered to someone else! Memebox had affixed the right address label, the delivery service affixed their own, erroneous label. I was blessed in that the lady who received it called me, and got the delivery service to re-deliver. I thank God for her kindness (I suspect most people would have kept it!) as I’ve heard the Memebox customer service is virtually non-existent and didn’t want the stress of trying to deal with it!

    Hopefully the next deliveries will be ok 🙂


    1. I’m going to get a Memebox at some point! I’ve been looking into the LookFantastic box as well, which sells out lighting fast every month, but is apparently really good!
      They did the same thing to me: I know my schedule, I know when I’m usually home. You can’t claim to have been there when you weren’t :/ Another thing that also happened to me was drivers leaving a note saying there’d been by that day at 1:30 and me picking up the note at 1…. Because it was the end of their shift and they wanted to get off early. The best delivery service I’ve ever had was for LookFantastic and Amazon orders, which I wasn’t expecting.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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