Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Solution Kit

innisfree jeju volcanic pore solution kit

Confession time: I bought this after reading one single raving review on the AsianBeauty reddit community. Was my impulse-buy successful?

innisfree jeju volcanic pore solution kit

As I said, I happily trotted over to eBay after a rave review of the Pore Lotion on /r/AsianBeauty (the user of which I have sadly forgotten) and bought the kit, thinking of great skin and sunshine.

The products are apparently enriched with volcanic cluster and green complex from pure Jeju island. I don’t know what most of that means but it was supposed to control excess sebum.

The Toner was the only item I finished and I got about 10 uses out of it. PSA, it separates, so be sure to give it a good shake before using. The scent isn’t unpleasant but very peculiar. It only lingers for about 5 minutes. I used this at night after cleansing and before all my other bedtime steps. It dried my skin slightly so it did work in controlling sebum, I guess, but not in the best of ways.

The lotion was my nemesis and the biggest disappointment. The scent is less strong than that of the toner and it lingers for less time. It has a very light texture on the skin and it absorbs quickly. I really liked the consistency and what it seemed to do for my skin. So why didn’t I finish it? The bottle. It deserves the italics. It’s a hard plastic bottle with a screw-on lid that does not dispense any product at all. It had to live upside down so I could get a small dollop on my fingers that barely covered my cheeks. I had to scoop it out with a q tip since the light texture only manifests itself on the skin.

The essence also had the same scent and absorbed quite quickly. It made my skin feel soft just after applying it but it clogged my pores, so I can’t comment much on its effectiveness.

It cost me around 10.98$. The three little bottles come in a rough cardboard box that is surprisingly sturdy. The thing with these kits and samples is that they, sometimes, work out to be a better deal than the full-sized versions (Benefit is one of the worst offenders) so I decided to do some math. I call this: is it worth it to buy the super cute bottles?

The kit, as I said, was 10.98$. It contains a total of 34 ml, which works out to be around 0.323$ per ml. The full sized items are about 19.40$ for the lotion (0.129 per ml), 14.14$ for the toner (0.056 per ml) and 22.90$ for the essence (0.458 per ml). If I do the math for the sample sizes with those numbers, it turns out you get 0.728$ of toner (13 ml), 1.666$ of lotion (13 ml) and 3.664$ of essence (8 ml). Obviously nowhere near the 11$ I paid so, as cute and travel-friendly as these are, they are sadly not worth it. (all the prices are taken from eBay reputable sellers and don’t account for sales, etc).

Overall, I would say go for this only if you need it for travelling or you have sensitive skin that might react to certain products or you’re hesitant about the bigger versions. You obviously need more than a handful of uses out of a product to tell whether it works or not but I’m sure you can tell whether you like it quite soon.



    1. Oh, it’s a lovely community! You should check it out! Also /r/indiemakeupandmore is great. There’s actually a few subreddits that are great and really friendly to the beauty oriented! Thanks for reading 🙂


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