Essence Hello Autumn Palette

essence hello autumn palette review

I bought the Essence Hello Autumn palette in 01 Walk in the Park on a whim. It was the first day I’d even needed a cardigan in the evening and the rich, autumn hues called out to me. I quite like what Essence has to offer in some aspects (like blushes) and I think their price point is unmatchable in the European market. I paid 4,89€ for six shades, which is more than decent. The packaging is thick plastic and, while it looks cheap, it isn’t extremely chunky.

essence hello autumn palette review

The shade offering is less than stellar though. The shades are appropriately autumny but very warm. They’re far too similar to create more than a handful of looks and they don’t lend themselves to much versatility. They are all shimmery, which makes me think this palette is intended not as a one-stop, full look sort of palette but as a gap-filler in your collection. A way for folks who have a few basic shades to shift into more autumnal hues without much expense. As such, it’s not a well-rounded palette but I see its value.

essence hello autumn palette review

Two things that jumped out to me: There’s two very similar colours, which is a waste on such a small palette, and the applicator is completely useless. I’m not against applicators usually. I think they serve a purpose: their great for smudging a little shadow under the eyes and they do a great job of packing on some colour in a pinch. If I’m travelling or visiting someone, it means I don’t need to take an extra brush.

But the one this palette offers is terrible. It feels like it will fall off at any minute. It’s made of a sort of harder foam than usually (say, a Sleek one) and it doesn’t slid well on the eye. It tugs and it hurts if you don’t use it carefully. A waste.

As for the shadows themselves…

essence hello autumn palette review

Inside lighting

essence hello autumn palette review

Natural light

These are on bare skin, a layer of NYX High Definition Eye Base and a layer of NYX Milk. They all look mostly the same and I was generous with the swatching. As you can see, the colours don’t pack a punch. The only one which is salvageable is the third from the top, which is the third from the right on the palette. And even then…

I tried swatching on my fingers so you could see the colour better:

essence hello autumn palette review essence hello autumn palette review

A crumbly mess. They do look somewhat better on the lid but it’s mostly sparkle. I didn’t try them on their own but with a primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance or the NYX Eye Base) they last for about 4 hours in terms of colour and about six for sparkle. There is very little fallout but the shadows are chalky and powdery. I tried using a tiny bit of these with a fully matte eye to sparkle it up a little and they did an alright job.

I would not recommend this unless you’re very hesitant of shimmery neutrals and want to dip your toes before committing to something better. And I say this as a huge fan of drugstore eyeshadow. I had high expectations and I was disappointed.


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