Eopenmarket Lucky Box review

eopenmarket lucky box samples

I bought the Eopenmarket Lucky Box a few weeks ago and it just arrived. The Lucky box is a secret sample box of 30+ samples of different sorts of Asian skin care products.

My love for samples is well documented. I adore them, especially when they’re cute or come in small little bottles. So the Lucky box was straight up my alley. It doesn’t come in a fancy box with fancy packaging, just a plastic envelope inside a cardboard box but the products themselves deliver.

I bought it for 6.80$ hereย and I received 43 samples plus a full sized face mask. They also included a 7% off coupon for their online store. I think it’s great value.

I appreciate the fact there’s more than one sample of some of the products, after all, a couple uses out of a foil bag aren’t going to tell you much about a product’s effectiveness.

The products and samples are mostly run of the mill. I definitely had more than half of these from past orders to different online retailers but I understand that. I appreciated that some of them were from lesser known brands even if it would have been nice to receive some from, say, Too Cool For School.

As I said, overall, a very good value box with some interesting products. I’m not going to type up the whole list but I’ve provided pictures of most of them (except the Mizon Starfish Cream Sample that I used the same night I received the box I was so excited).

eopenmarket mizon lucky box samples

The Mizon samples

eopenmarket tony moly lucky box samples

The tony moly samples

eopenmarket innisfree lucky box samples

The innisfree samples

eopenmarket skinfood etude house lucky box samples

Skin Food and Secret Key samples

eopenmarket etude house skin food lucky box samples

Skin Food and Etude House

Do you think it’s worth it?



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