Getting personal….

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On me, my birthday, anxiety and all the stuff in between. Or what I’d like to call “getting to know me: if you weren’t bored before you will be now”

As the ones who read my last Bits and Pieces post may know, last Sunday it was my birthday. I’ve never been big on birthdays or celebrations but my boyfriend is, so he flew in and spent the weekend with me. He was also ridiculously proud, bless his heart, of his presents and of “having gotten it right this time”. I always love what he gets me but you gotta admit make up trumps fluffy pink socks any day of the week… 😉

I didn’t want to admit it but I had had an awful week so I was very grateful for our little weekend. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for a few years now, after a very rough patch in my teenage life when everything in my life fell apart, from my family to myself. I’m quite the introvert who needs a lot of time to decompress and be alone after dealing with people and I love routine and order in my life. So whenever my life gets a bit shaken up or I need to deal with stuff I wasn’t anticipating, it can take a few days before I feel like myself again.

As some of you might now, I’m a student. I’m currently doing a double degree in Law and Business/Economics, which can be stressful by itself, in a very competitive university with great people who all love being extremely prepared and fighting for the best spots in the course. It’s a great experience, and I love it (especially Law, bleurgh at all those boring Econ lessons) but it can be taxing.

I realised the other night that my blog isn’t very personal. It contains my deepest thoughts and desires regarding pretty, pretty, make up but it doesn’t have much about me, the person. A few bits and pieces, shall we?

  • I love languages. I’m a native Catalan and Spanish speaker and I’d say I’m quite decent at English. I’m currently trying to self-teach myself French and Finnish. French because it’s useful and it’s a beautiful literary language and Finnish because it sounds like music to my ears.
  • If I hadn’t gone into law, I would have done philosophy or literature.
  • My favourite thing to do is read. I post on here about Crime fiction but my taste is quite eclectic, I’d like to think. My favourite books are laconic, almost melancholic. Think the Russians, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I love both smart and quirky and deep and troubled.
  • My other big hobby is tv. I watch a ginourmous amount of tv. I believe it’s because it’s really the only thing I ever did when I was younger and the only thing I did with my parents. I watched political satire and girly tv shows with my mum and documentaries and films with my dad. I’m more of a tv kinda girl myself now. Guess mum won?
  • I am a mystery junkie. I am a complete, absolute, incredible sucker for a mystery. Murders, disappearances, anything. I love a puzzle and I love resolving it. Hence all the crime novels. And crime shows. I remember watching Unsolved with my dad when I was far too young to watch those things and loving it.
  • I grew up by the sea. It is still one of my all time favourite smells and places to be. seaside

And I won’t bore you anymore. Did any of you get this far? If so, thanks 🙂 I wasn’t that keen on talking about myself and, especially, in such a long post but I’d like to think I’m being honest in this whole endeavour.



  1. Hi Julia, happy belated birthday! I hope the anxiety settles to a manageable level pretty soon.

    I love mystery and crime novels too! They are my favourite ‘go-to’ genre, with children’s literature coming a close second (I have 4 kids, but I never grew up!). I find it hard to appreciate the Scandinavian crime lit you’ve been posting about; I enjoyed the first such novel I read (but don’t remember the title!) but have found others to be very similar and bleak. Maybe I just have little perseverance! My all-time favourite sleuth is Lord Peter Wimsey 🙂

    I think your command of English is great!


    1. Hi 🙂 Thanks a lot! I also like some American crime, like Kathy Reichs. She is very approachable and easy, especially for those who don’t like the genre too much! Also her books are always in second hand shops or charity shops so they’re really easy to come across.

      Thanks for everything, you’re too nice 🙂


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