Bits and Pieces #7


  • I’m at my parents’ this weekend. See what a beautiful day it was? It’s still ridiculously hot here (~30ºC). I want it to be autumn already!
  • Did I mention I started The Killing? I guess it’s okay but I’m not impressed at all.
  • Anyone else a fan of Criminal Minds? This week’s episode was ridiculous but so good. I haven’t yet seen this week’s Bones or AHS: Freak Show but Scandal and How to get away with murder were so good!!
  • Pajiba thinks Fitz from Scandal is boring. Say it ain’t so. Team Fitz forever.
  • I found this super interesting: Oils for Acne Prone Skin by Minimalist Beauty. I love my oils and now I need a lot more.
  • How cute is this glass terrarium on Etsy?
  • On other plant-related cute news, I’m dying to have a reason to buy these Postcardens, which are postcards that grow a little garden inside!
  • This a sad story about why we’re wrong about voicemails
  • Here’s 24 breathtaking British Wedding venues, just for you

I don’t know if you’d be interested in other sorts of articles? Not stricly related to beaty? I’ll leave a few I’ve found interesting over the week over here:


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