Birchbox Spain for October

birchbox spain october

Can someone explain to me Birchbox’s obsession with hair products? You’re a beauty box, gimme more beauty bits!! Last few months I’ve received hair stuffs that I neither needed nor wanted. And perfume samples. I’m okay with skin care and body care but I expect more make up from my boxes and less perfume and hair stuff. /rant over.

Now, as for the box…

birchbox spain october

– Laboratorios Babé Gel Micelar Calmante and Hidro-Exfoliante Confort. Two skincare samples I might use in a pinch but there’s a lot of more exciting brands out there to get to first

– Salerm Cosmetics Mascarilla Hi repair. Hair mask that did nothing for me. The size is nice but Birchbox didn’t include any indications as to how long to leave it for. I guessed about 5 minutes. Maybe that’s why it did nothing. Anyway, Argan oil or coconut oil work much better so I won’t be using this a lot.

– Modelco powerlash black mascara. Eh. This made my lashes clumpy, didn’t elongate them at all. I’d rather have more than 4 thick lashes, thankyouverymuch. I can’t believe this actually retails for 17€

– Boots Laboratories Bálsamo corporal hidratante: I really liked this. It’s a full size, I believe, which is nice. I’ve also seen it as a gift with purchase with some magazine, so it could be cheaper that way. Be warned, though, squeezing gently will only give you a spaghetti thin dollop so give it a good squeeze if you want to get somewhere. It absorbs really quickly and has a slight fragrance. It’s thicker than a body milk but thinner than a butter so I think the “balm” concept works here. It now sits by my bed to remind me to moisturise my elbows and feet again before going to sleep.

– Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy perfume sample. Why Birchbox thought anyone would want another perfume sample, especially one like this, is beyond me.

I know this sounds like a super cranky review but I’m seriously expecting more from them. They upped their shipping game, which is awesome, but they now need to have the boxes to match.

Did you get a Birchbox this month? What did you think? 


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