Lush BIG hair shampoo… Worth it?

lush big shampoo

Let’s be honest here: who looks at sea salt and thinks: uhm, yes, I need that in my hair? For me, beach hair means itchiness, dry hair and annoying knots. This was, then, a product I did not expect to like. I thought it was gimmicky and overhyped so when I turned out to like this quite a bit I had to hang my head in shame.

lush big shampoo

I think it comes to about 15€ for 330g of product. I’ll start with the bad stuff, shall I? And then I’ll follow with how wrong I was.

1. It has a weird consistency. It’s like a very thin gel with big salt particles. I thought it’d be coarse and damaging for my hair but it wasn’t. I thought it wouldn’t foam up at all and I’d be left with dirty, sad hair. Wrong again. It foams up nicely.

lush big shampoo

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend you follow the instructions and do it twice. I’ve had better results with just one wash.

2. I assumed it would not wash my hair very well. It does, actually, and makes my second day hair much more manageable. The smell is something to get used to, though.

3. I thought it was a gimmicky and wouldn’t give my hair lots of volume. It does, not in a heavenly way, but in a slow but steady way. My roots are slightly loftier and my hair has more body.

lush big shampoo

All in all, a win. A bit too expensive for a shampoo but it does work nicely. The one thing I dislike is how messy it can be. It’s not very travel friendly and not the easiest to open while in the shower.

Have you tried this shampoo? What did you think? Am I really clumsy or is it indeed difficult to open?



  1. I’ve always avoided this product because I thought it did seem a bit gimmicky, but based on your review it doesn’t sound half-bad! Liquid shampoo in pot form is definitely awkward though. LUSH packaging looks cool but isn’t always the most practical.


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