Paul & Joe Triple Cheek Color

paul and joe triple cheek color

Paul & Joe are one of those brands that make super cute stuff (they’re famed for their cat lipsticks) in incredibly adorable packaging. You won’t necessarily see them on a list of the “best stuff out there” but they certainly make you smile whenever you see them.

paul and joe triple cheek color

This triple cheek color is from their summer collection and it retails for 30€ but I got in on sale from ASOS here. I think this particular one isn’t available anymore, sadly.

Anyway. It’s a really cute compact in an off-white color, with vintage vibes. It has a mirror and the actual pan seems easily removable so you could potentially reuse the compact when you finish the product.

paul and joe triple cheek color

The cream blush comes in a swirl pattern of three colours: a strong red, a nice pink and a creamy white.

paul and joe triple cheek colorIt’s really pretty and summery. The pan is a nice size as well and it contains 0.01 oz of product.

paul and joe triple cheek color paul and joe triple cheek colorSo pretty. Beyond the prettiness, the product performs alright but not like a mid to high end product you’d expect to. It swatches really intensely but that sadly doesn’t translate to the cheek.

paul and joe triple cheek color

Natural light

To get any sort of colour beyond a discreet tint you have to really work it and apply a ginormous amount of product. When you actually manage it you get a pretty flush in a light raspberry. It’s definitely more of a spring shade but it looks adorably flushy. It lasted for about four or five hours on me without a powder blush to set it. When set with a powder, it lasted about 8. It looks great with Shiro Potion or Catrice defining blush in Think Pink on top.

paul and joe triple cheek color

Only picture I could get that showed the blush

Please excuse my unkempt brows. For some reason, blush doesn’t photograph well at all on me but you can somewhat see it.

The prettiness of the swirls gets messed up when you use it so if you, like me, were tempted solely by its swirly prettiness you will be disappointed.

paul and joe triple cheek color

The pretty goes away 😦

Basically, while it’s an alright product in a supremely cute packaging, it doesn’t perform nearly as well as you’d expect for something that retails for a whopping 30€…

Have you ever tried Paul & Joe? What did you think?



    1. They are so cute!! They also do interesting things, you’re absolutely right. I love that you can purchase the lipstick and eyeshadow cases by themselves and mix and match with the eyeshadows and lipstick bullets.


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