5 products not worth the hype around them

benefit they're real nyx matte lipstick urban decay 24/7 bourjois blush

benefit they're real nyx matte lipstick urban decay 24/7 bourjois blush benefit they're real nyx matte lipstick urban decay 24/7 bourjois blush

When I started to become interested in beauty and make up, I began reading the MUA subreddit and different blogs out there. Innocent as I was, I thought than stuff would work on me the same way it worked on other people. I thought I’d learnt my lesson quickly and started trusting less people, doing more research, but I still bought into hypes and bought stuff that just plain didn’t work for me at all.

So I’ve now compiled five products I bought because everyone seemed to love and I just can’t get them to work for me. I didn’t pick stuff that didn’t work for my colouring, for example, since that would hardly be fair, but mostly stuff that disappointed me because of its quality, colour payoff or packaging.

  • Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner. I knew this wouldn’t work for me but I still bought it. I don’t have any excuse so now I’m left staring at it, mocking me from way back in its acrylic home. It’s a dry, clumpy, cumbersome product that you have to drag repeatedly to even have it show up at all. The idea behind the packaging is really smart, though. I’d like to see it developed with a more competent product. A complete waste for me. This was a product fail.
  • Bourjois blush in Rose Frisson. I bought this after Lisa Eldridge showed it in one of her videos. I like the other Bourjois blushes I have and this is such a pretty pink shade! I would have loved it if it actually showed up on my skin. I’ve tried with different brushes (natural and synthetic hair) and I just can’t get it to pick up enough product to show on my skin. The only way I’ve made it work is by scraping a little bit and then using as I would a powder blush. This was also a product fail.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in Perversion. This came in my Smoked palette and I was so happy. But it’s so difficult to sharpen and you waste so much product. Even if you get it sharpened, the tip will never be smooth again and you’ll be left poking your eye with random bits of wood forever more. It also smudged everywhere. This was both a product and packaging fail.
  • NYX Matte lipstick in Eurotrash. I love NYX cosmetics, they’re one of my favourite drugstore brands and one who usually deliver quality far beyond their price point but this…. It’s so drying. It settles on the dry spots and lines. The shade sucks all the other colour from my face and makes me look sickly. This was a product fail.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion. I never made it past the sample. I hated the consistency, the way my shadows seemed to slip over it and how it made them crease. I much prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which turned me back to primers after this baby scared me off! This was a product fail.

What do you think? Did I just trash your favourite product ever? I might do a similar post with products completely worth the hype, tell me if you’d be interested!



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