Catrice Multi Purpose Blush: A lovely pink!

catrice blush strawberry frappuccino

I love this blush! You can probably tell by how worn it looks. I picked it up after hearing a fleeting recommendation for Catrice blushes somewhere. I have another one in a bright red but this was the little gem that stole my heart.

catrice blush strawberry frappuccino

The shade I have is Strawberry Frappucino. It’s supposed to be “multi-purpose” and include a bronze/contour shade and a highlight. If you expect it to do this, you’ll be massively disappointed. What it does, on the other hand, is deliver a very lovely pink blush that you can somewhat alter depending on where exactly you swirl your brush. It’s buildable and very pretty when on, very much an everyday staple for me. It lasts decently and when it fades it does so evenly, so no weird splotches for me there.

catrice blush strawberry frappuccino

The packaging is plastic and not the sleekest or prettiest but sturdy and durable I think. It’s a great addition to my collection, especially for under 4 (I think?) and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those intimidated by the more vibrant blushes.

I don’t have many pictures of it, especially any where it actually shows up so this is the best I could do… Sorry for the weird angle!

catrice blush strawberry frappuccino

Do you like Catrice? What’s your favourite product by them?



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