H&M Blush… Give it a chance!

h&m make me blush pink

Everyone is going crazy over Topshop make up, which made me think about all these other high street fast fashion shops that also offer make up and that might be more competitive than we think. Ages ago, I bought an H&M eyeshadow palette on sale, for something ridiculous like 3€ and it was alright, of similar quality to the lower drugstore stuff. So when I saw this on another post somewhere (?) and found it in my H&M I decided to give it a go.

h&m make me blush pink

First thing I noticed is that the outer plastic package it comes in is one of those hard but soft plastic things H&M has. It’s still easy to open with minimal nail damage but hard enough to prevent people from opening it in store without looking dodgy as hell. So there’s that, at least you know there hasn’t been a finger swiping all over the blush.

The actual packaging is surprisingly sturdy. It has one of those clasps that’s impossible to open if you bite your nails but that’s alright. It looks cheap but it does the job and I doubt it’d break easily.

h&m make me blush pink

I got the pink one (it doesn’t have a name or number that I can see) but there was a warmer toned one of mostly peachy shades. I like this one because I mostly wear pink blush and that shade on the far right looked like a really nice mauve-ish tone for autumn.

h&m make me blush pink

As you can see, the pink shade is lovely and the far right one is surprisingly deep. I’m not a fan of the dark pink, reddish, one but that’s just personal preference.

They’re matte, which is a bit difficult to find at this price point and they wore well for most of the day. They do fade after about six or seven hours, depending on what else you’ve got on your face and how oily you’ve been that particular day.

h&m make me blush pink

I tried blending the swatches a little

The colours are quite strong. The red toned pink is hellish to blend and really easy to over do (that’s why there’s no picture, I looked like a clown and I’d rather keep that off the internet). Now, I’m going to apologise for these pictures, because I took them on my phone while waiting for the bus but I had a really busy week and I didn’t have any other moment to take them 😦

h&m make me blush pink

Pink shade is really perky and definitely my favourite. Can go on really subtly or be built up. I prefer to wear subtle blush so I know it’s a bit hard to see.

h&m make me blush pink

I know I have to do my eyebrows. Shh. Stressful week. This was at 8 am, I was late for a presentation and I had a macro exam. The mauve-ish blush carried me surprisingly well through all that, even though you can’t really see it all that well.

I also realised it basically looks like I’m wearing the exact same everything in the two pictures…. I guess I’m just really boring?

Overall, I really liked this trio. I’m not going to use the middle shade a lot but at 3.99 it comes to about 2€ per shade I’m actually going to use, which I think is good, and about 1.30 per shade overall, which is really good. It will also go in my pile of stuff that I won’t be sad about if I break, so it’ll be perfect for travelling. Maybe I’ll depot the middle shade and turn it into a tint?

Do you use any H&M cosmetics? Anything else I should try?


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