Bits and Pieces #9: Happy Halloween!

morticia addams

Halloween-themed, of course.

  • Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you celebrated with an Addams Family marathon with a side of Hocus Pocus thrown in! I love Morticia, beauty icon right there. When I was younger, in my goth/emo/rock days, my brother used to make fun of me and called me Wednesday. Little did he know I’m much more M than W.
  • I had a Macro midterm this week. And a crappy week but then a really nice weekend with my doggie and my parents.
  • To relieve the stress of my week, I decided to go for a manicure and it was the worst I’ve ever had. Literally, she was terrible.
  • A better stress-relief was Gone Girl. The film was awesome and it was even better since it was 2.90€ only!
  • The best stress relief was online shopping, definitely.
  • Look at all these American Haunted Houses I’d love to visit!
  • Can I interest you in a list of 20 Terrifying Non-horror books?
  • A first look at Matt Bomer in AHS: Freak Show. It’s also going to have Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. Win!
  • I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it: a Skull Succulent Planter

I think that’s all… How was your week?


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