NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base review

nyx eyeshadow base primer

I saw this on Brightest Bulb in the Box once, I think, when she did a Primer Smackdown and it came out on top in the drugstore edition. For around 7€, I thought it’d be a nifty little thing if it held up to my expectations. Now, did it?

nyx eyeshadow base primer

As primers go, this is pretty standard packaging. It’s similar to a lip gloss and, as such, it dispenses a lot of product if you’re not careful. It has a tacky texture and I’ve found it works best if you only apply a teeny tiny bit on the center and then blend out. It also dries quite quickly so you gotta be fast with that eyeshadow.

Now, how does it perform? I’ll start with the good: it lasts ages. And when I say ages, I mean, ages. It outperforms every other primer in that aspect, including my beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Too much at times, it’s even a bit tricky to get off.

As for the bad, it’s a bit too slippery to properly work with. It also crumbles and flakes a bit if you don’t spread it very thin and it leaves you with a difficult base to blend on. It helped when I used it all over my lid and eyebrow bone and used a flesh toned eyeshadow all over but, still, not ideal.

All in all, if you’re looking for an everyday primer for easy looks or all over the lid washes of colour, this would be ideal. For smokey eyes or more delicate looks, I wouldn’t recommend it, since it’s really kind of bothersome to have to take so many pains to get it to work properly. Let’s not forget that it’s only ~7€ (for 8g, so under 1€ per gram) whereas TFSI is ~22€ (for 11g, so 2€ per gram), so double the price and not worth it if you’re only doing really simple eye looks.

Have you tried NYX HD Primer? What’s your favourite primer?


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