Two budget eyeliners to try!

rimmel maybelline eyeliner gel studio

One thing the drugstore does well is eyeliners, in my opinion. I wear black eyeliner almost everyday (usually uneven cat flicks cause come on) and I use both of these interchangeably, usually depending on how much time I’ve got. That’s why they look kind of disgusting, because I literally use them (nearly) every day

I like these because they’re fuss free and quite cheap. I always top with a black powder eyeshadow (usually blackout by Urban Decay) but that’s just to give it a more even and soft look.

maybelline gel studio rimmel eyeliner

So what’s cool about these two besides the fact they work and they’re both really cheap (both well under 10€)? Well, the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (and at one point we’ll talk about unnecessarily long product names because it’s a conversation everyone should be having) comes in a little glass pot and with a surprisingly usable brush. It has incredible staying power, off the charts, and it’s a very nice matte black that can give you that sort of Brigitte Bardot eye if you’re so inclined.

maybelline gel studio eyeliner rimmel

I actually have two of these, the 01 Black (whenever I have a Black n.1 product I get the Type O Negative song stuck in my head) and 07 Black Chrome, which has a very understated shimmer. I’ve had them for ages and they haven’t dried or become any less usable. A great, very reliable product all around.

The Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner is also very reliable but in a different sort of way. It’s a liquid liner and slightly more temperamental and difficult to work with (it’s not idiot proof, like the other one) and somedays I just can’t deal with it.

Having said that, I’ve been using it mostly everyday for the past three months and now it’s bowed to my will almost completely. It gives you very sharp lines and, with its slim tip, can be very precise. It’s also long lasting, nowhere near the Maybelline level, but who wants eyeliner to be so hard to remove? It’s a bit more glossy but that’s easily fixable with black eyeshadow.

I know eyeliner it’s not the most exciting make up item to buy, especially plain old black, but I believe it’s one of those that give you the most trouble when they just won’t work for you. So I thought I’d share my favourites 🙂

What’s your go to eyeliner?


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