Getting duped on eBay (learn from my mistakes)

etude house missing u hand cream panda sea lion

Learn about my mistakes and what you should do when someone has sold you something fake! Also I bet you want to know what these cuties are…

I’m an avid online shopper, especially through eBay. I know it’s not healthy but sometimes I need little pick me ups and what’s better than cheap Korean cosmetics I can get with a few clicks?

So during one of my stressful weeks at uni, I decided I’d finally dive in and get a couple of the super cute Étude House Missing U hand creams. They’re shaped like animals which hold their scent sake in their chubby arms. The hand cream is housed in their fat little bottoms. They’re the cutest ever and I’d wanted them for a while, putting them on and off my RoseRoseShop cart.

A nerve-wracking week resulted in me nodding off during Torts and going on eBay and buying the Panda and the Sea Lion versions. They cost something like 3.20$ and I bought them while trying to pay attention to the drone of contractual liability. I promptly forgot all about them until they got here this week.

etude house missing u hand cream panda sea lion

They were fake 😦 I didn’t realise this until the day after but in hindsight, there were a lot of warning signs…

etude house missing u hand cream panda sea lion

1. They came in a plain shipping envelope, no protection, no card inside, nothing.

2. The cardboard boxes they came in were a mess: banged up and broken.

3. The Sea Lion is not the same colour as the Panda and their closings aren’t smooth. One is also heavier than the other and a hair bigger, despite both containing 30 ml of product

etude house missing u hand cream panda sea lion

Sorry about my nails… I took these pictures after doing them (poorly)

etude house missing u hand cream panda sea lion

Nails :s

4. They both smell the same: a pungent, peach adjacent cheap cosmetic smell, despite one being peach and the other mint

5. The smell is very strong but doesn’t linger for a long time and it’s almost unpleasant

Okay. 5 signs they were fake…. And then I turned one over and realised the bottom reads DoDo House as opposed to Étude House. Wow. I felt really stupid and enraged, since I remember checking the listing. So I went back and…

etude house missing u hand cream panda sea lion

Nails :s

The listing never mentioned Étude House, only the name of the cream itself. I checked a couple listings and I must not have noticed with the title being so long. Then I went online and checked pictures and they do look different than mine: the bottoms are bigger and more rounded, the panda ears are farther away, the way they hold their smell is different…

I will be ordering a couple when I place my next RRS order so I’ll do a comparison post at some point. As for now, I will empty them and either refill using another cream or use to store earrings when I visit my parents, I guess.

So: what to do if you received a fake item?

Selling fake items is still against eBay policy and I believe you’re entitled to a refund. Contact your seller and don’t hesitate to ask for what you want. I’ve done this before and they usually haggle a bit but remain calm and open a dispute as soon as possible. I also reported the item as fake and will send it to Étude House. Same with any other companies (I believe Mac takes this very seriously).

If you received a counterfeit item I’d advise against using it. It might be fine for your hands (not with that smell…) but it might contain ingredients that are otherwise regulated or restricted for legit items. Don’t mess with your skin 😦

Final step is be sad and brood that your panda and sea lion were fake and you’ll have to order again to get real ones.

Have you ever accidentally or on purpose bought a fake item? How was it?


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