Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose

korres lip butter wild rose

I talk about hype and giving into it a lot here. I think it’s interesting how what everyone else is doing affects what we want and how we trust other people’s opinions on things we spend quite a bit of money on. Usually we refer to the hyped new products, those that every person under the sun seems to get straight away and they take the blogger world by storm.

Those are easier to avoid, I think, since you see them everywhere and realise it’s either PR or it will pass soon. Then there’s the others. They’re the sneaky sort of hyped products: the ones you see in top ten, or essential, or what’s in my handbag posts. They sit there, months or years after they’re released and everyone seems to love them. This is one of them.

korres lip butter wild rose

Gosh, I ramble so badly. Tell me if these get long and boring, please?

korres lip butter wild roseSo, after seeing this a gazillion times I decided to finally buy it. It cost me 10€ from my Birchbox store so it wasn’t too bad, especially for 6g of product. I love their Wild Rose line and I thought this would be an amazing, understated tint that would feed my lip balm addiction at the same time.

I’m not too keen on the fact it comes in a pot but at least it’s a pretty one, and well designed. I really like that the inside of the cardboard box has all their values and ethics on it, it’s a nifty little addition that gives the brand some personality.

The product is quite lovely, in fact. It moisturises well and it has this almost jelly like texture that makes it a dream to apply (and overapply, so be warned). I usually wear it alone or I layer it over one of those nude lipsticks that usually washes me out to make it more lively.

My only beef with it is the pigmentation. It’s very subtle and nothing like the swatches I found online. Or most of them. I don’t want to think badly of other people but, come on, how did you get those colours from this butter?

korres lip butter wild rose

how creepy is this picture (hi hair!)

That’s what it looks like on my lips. Very subtle, very nice. I just wish I’d gone in knowing how accurate they were!

What’s your go to tinted balm?


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