Bits and Pieces #10: exciting times

Source: ANC

  • I’ve had a weird week. I’ve got a cold again 😦 and I’ve done a lot of work but been lazy at the same time? I feel I don’t make any sense when I say that
  • Tomorrow is super exciting for me. I’m Catalan and I’m back home to participate as a volunteer in the vote tomorrow (9N) in support of independence. I’ve scheduled a post but I’ll be gone from 7 am to 10 pm most likely.
  • My dog is licking my toes right now. I realise you probably don’t care but it’s tickling me and I wanted to share…
  • I started a new book, the second Mari Jungstedt novel. 😀 Did you read my Camilla Läckberg review? I loved the book!
  • Everyone should be interested in Women Rejecting Marriage Proposals in art.
  • I was reading this list of the 10 best female power dressers: I loved Stella Gibson’s style in The Fall.

Boo, what a boring person I am. How was your week?


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