TheBalm Nude’Tude Eyeshadow Palette

thebalm nude tude palette

I finally bought this after months of being on the fence. It was 32€ on the Birchbox store and, spoiler alert, I loved it. I was hesitant because most of the colours are quite similar to those of the Too Faced Chocolate Palette, which I use a lot. I’ve got the Feeling Nice variation that has no naked, pin up women at all. Not sure why Birchbox didn’t have both but I’m also more comfortable with this one.

thebalm nude tude palette

It’s a good sized 12 pan palette of mostly nude, really wearable colours. I like how thin it is and while the cardboard packaging fits the retro theme theBalm has got going on, it’s not the most ideal. It comes with a sleeve with the same design (think of the sleeves on a hardback book) which makes it better and could prevent some of the potential problems a magnetic cardboard packaging presents, but still.

thebalm nude tude palette

It’s so cute. The pans are small, true, but they’re really pigmented and easy to use. The pink shades are stronger than TF’s Chocolate Palette even if they’re a bit more chalky. They do have some fall out but nothing you can’t deal with.

thebalm nude tude palette

The brush isn’t as useless as others and it’s double ended. It could serve in a pinch but I still use my usual eyeshadow brushes with this. The mirror is good sized as well. Very travel friendly if you package it well.

thebalm nude tude palette

The colours are, as I said, very wearable and pigmented. They’re a bit different than your usual neutral palette, which makes it a little more interesting. The shadows are a bit crooked, which I don’t mind, but it might drive some people a little insane.

thebalm nude tude palette

I really enjoy the mix of finishes (matte, frosted, pearl, shimmer) and intensities. I have not ventured into smokey eyes with this yet but it’s wonderful for everyday looks, from understated to more defined. The only thing I’m missing here is a nice, matte highlight for the brow bone.

thebalm nude tude palette combinations

I’ve marked above my favourite combinations so far. Some of the pans look unused but that’s because I took the pictures almost straight away and waited to review it. Sultry and Seductive are the perfect combination for an everyday nude look (in both ways: sultry as a crease colour or all over the lid, seductive looks brilliant all over the lid and blended out on the crease).

Stand-offish, Stubborn and Sexy make for a very romantic, delicate look. Snobby is the perfect lid highlighter: press your ring finger on the shade and then in the middle of your lid. You’ll see it completely illuminates your eyes and makes you look so awake.

thebalm nude tude palette swatches

Top row

thebalm nude tude palette swatches

Bottom row

I suck at swatching. Sorry :(. They look so much more lovely than this… I don’t do it justice. Bottom line is this is a wonderful little palette that, I think, most people would get a lot of use out of. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Have you tried this palette? Did you like it?



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