Essence Big Bright Eyes

essence big bright eyes

One of the easiest and most impactful beauty tips I ever received was to lay off the black waterline lining and substitute it for a nude colour. Fast forward and I’m obsessed with lining my lower waterline with a nude pencil and just smudging shadow under the lashes.

What does this do? Well, two things, at least for me: one, it makes me look more awake and aware, especially for those early start, late finish days; and two, the combined effect makes my eyes look bigger.

essence big bright eyes

Everyone and their mum has the Maybelline version of this pencil and while it does do a nice job, it’s a pain in the bum to sharpen so I stopped using it. I always ended up poking my eyes with random bits of wood from the pencil, no matter how carefully I sharpened it or how much I froze it beforehand.

That’s why I picked up this little pencil from Essence. It’s thicker than a regular eye pencil and shorter, which makes using it easier (especially if you’re half blind, like me, and do your eyes about 5 cm away from the mirror) and very good for travelling. I haven’t sharpened it yet but I believe it’ll be easier since the tip is broader. I’ll report back on that.

essence big bright eyes

See? Small. There is another shade of this, more gold toned, but I chose to go with the everyday option. The formula is lovely: creamy, soft, long lasting and not crumbly at all. It doesn’t smudge everywhere and it stays put quite a bit.

You can go overboard a little but that’s rather fixable. The tip makes for easy application (we’ll see what happens after sharpening).

essence big bright eyes

I believe it cost about 2€ and it contains 1,41g of product, which isn’t bad.

essence big bright eyes

One swipe on the right and the same, but smudged a little, on the left. See how creamy it is? I love it. My favourite thing is finding cheap products that actually work!

Do you use a brightening pencil on your eyes? Tell me which one!



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