Essence Lip Liners review

essence lip liners swatches

Can you tell I did a little drugstore haul after a stressful week and before going home? Got all the Essence things!

When I bought my Big Bright Eyes Essence pencil I also grabbed a few of the lip liners, since they were less than two and lip liners are one of those “allowed purchases” that don’t make me feel bad. I don’t have a lot, okay? I’m building a collection (truth: I shop too much).

essence lip liners swatches

So I picked up a few soft, wearable colours: Cute Pink, Honey Berry, Satin Mauve and Wish Me a Rose. They are standard wooden pencils, very light, with a not-so-flimsy but not quite sturdy lid. I like that the pencil itself is the colour of the liner, makes my early morning + no glasses business less dangerous.

essence lip liners swatches

The formula on these is surprisingly creamy. They tug on the lips as you apply but once the tip warms up a little, they glide on much more easily. Ideally, your lips will be well moisturised and exfoliated before using them. Generally, they last well and they fade (a bit unevenly) to a stain.

I do wear them on their own but I think the finish ages me a little bit. It’s sort of matte but creamy, especially for Satin Mauve. It’s a bit too brownish for me. I’ve found out they pair¬†extremely well with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams!! With these as a base, I use less of the Creams and they go on more smoothly, evenly and they have such a nicer colour dimension and depth!

Wish Me a Rose goes well with SMLC in Sao Paulo, while I’ve found Satin Mauve¬†goes well with Cannes. In fact, they go well with most of them, depending on what result you want.

essence lip liners swatches

Here’s a few swatches. There is a clear winner here (and on my lips!) which is Honey Berry. Perfect on its own or with a touch of more purpley lipstick on top (MAC’s Rebel or Laqa&Co Purple pencil). It lasts a bit less than the others and the staining is more streaky. Cute Pink is a very subtle, pretty princess pink that I obviously neglect to wear. Sigh.

essence lip liners swatches

Closer look. I haven’t tried sharpening them yet but I get the impression it won’t be too hard.

essence lip liners swatches

derpy face galore

As a surprise to no one, my favourite of the bunch is the darkest shade. I need someone to hold an intervention and turn me to pinks before I forget what they look like…

All in all, these are actually surprisingly good for their price point! I might go back and get the whole set. Do try them if you can (I think they’re 1.30$ for all you ‘Muricans)

Do you have any pink lip liner suggestion that will make me swoon?


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