Freeman Masks: Charcoal & Black Sugar and Goji Berry review

freeman masks goji black sugar charcoal

I saw this being praised in someone’s blog a long time ago but since I’d never seen them in Europe, I forgot all about this. Until I had my manicure from hell at Depiline and realised they sold them!! For a markup, of course, so they come at 5.90€ (7.35$) much more than what they retail for in the US (3.99$) but still manageable.

freeman masks goji black sugar charcoal

I picked up a Facial Polishing Mask of Charcoal and Black Sugar and a Facial Hydration Mask of Goji Berry. They’re 150 ml, which is very decent, and come in that cheap plasticky package but I don’t mind it too much. What I do mind, however, is the cheap lid. The one in the Black Sugar mask broke (I don’t know how?) and now it won’t shut. Fail…

Anyway, as for the products: the Charcoal and Black Sugar is an exfoliating mask, a similar concept to Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty (my review is here). You put it on, wait for 5-10 minutes (I waited 15, that’s how I roll) then you massage onto your face and rinse.

I wasn’t very sure about it while I wore it. It smells awful and feels kind of dirty while on but it exfoliates very nicely and does a good job of deep cleansing those pores. Don’t be scared if you see your pores become massive after using this, they’re just empty of gunk! Sugar scrubs are a guilty pleasure for me: not the best for the skin but oh god does it feel nice to exfoliate and get rid of the day and all the stuff on your face. It did make my face softer and got rid of the dullness.

freeman masks goji black sugar charcoal

I don’t have many hydrating masks but I really should! My skin is chronically dehydrated and in need of moisture. This worked a very nice treat!! It has a cloudy, thick milky consistency. I let it sit next to my radiator for a few minutes before using it so I wouldn’t freeze my cheeks off and it was so nice. It’s a good option for winter nights and something I can see myself using up quite quickly!! I also used it on my neck and chest. Thankfully, the lid on this one survived so I can take it to my parents’ when I visit and save my skin from the wind and salty air.

I’m quite impressed with this. I think they perform very well for their price point and while I have to try the Charcoal a bit more for optimal results and to get used to the smell, I predict they will be in my rotation the entire winter.

Tell me what Freeman Masks do you use! Did I pick the nice ones or are there any secret gems out there?


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