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Getting duped on eBay (learn from my mistakes)

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Learn about my mistakes and what you should do when someone has sold you something fake! Also I bet you want to know what these cuties are…



Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid

photo 2Is there any part of your beauty routine you consistently neglect? Be it laziness, disinterest, ignorance or sheer obliviousness, sometimes something makes us overlook a part of our beauty routines. For me, that’s my feet. I don’t like feet per se and I don’t like having to take care of them beyond the daily moisturising. So the idea of booties filled with liquid that would make all the disgusting skin on my feet disappear under a week tempted me. A lot. 


Maybelline Color Tattoos and expectations

You know when you keep hearing good things about a product but never really bother to try it? That’s what happened to me with the Maybelline Color Tattos. Everyone raves about them and I always thought I should try them but I never really got around to because they never looked that good to me, until the other day when my drugstore had them on a BOGOHO sale and I decided to finally give them a go. I picked Eternal Gold and Pink Gold and put them to the test this weekend.  (more…)